Westhaven Townhome Remodel

Hisway Painting worked with this repeat client after she downsized into a new town home in the Westhaven community in Franklin, TN, after her husband passed away. Her new home needed extensive renovation and she brought in Hisway Painting after another contractor failed to prep the walls or the drywall, leaving a rough finish with marks on the walls where artwork had been hung before.


We came in and walked through the home and helped the homeowner develop a vision for her space. We repaired drywall and gave a new finish to her kitchen cabinets and walls. We added ship-lap to her bedroom ceiling, bathroom, and living room walls which added depth and texture. We lightened up the trim and walls in the living room and carefully repainted her high stairwell, making sure the walls were completely smooth and there was no evidence of anything previously hung on the walls. As one of the first gas homes in Westhaven, we were able to provide consult and someone to help her with wiring issues that came up, while completing painting and renovations. She left feeling cared for, and that we were able to really step in and help her create a beautiful vision for her new home.

Check out this review she left us:

"Bud came in and cleaned up after another contractor left me with more problems. He came in months before I would actually need him, and brought vision and expertise to the whole renovation project. Hisway Painting has done 3 or 4 jobs for me and I have never been disappointed. Bud and his crew did everything with almost no effort from me. They are able to manage your project and get things done on time. The best part is you can measure the quality by how beautiful it is at the end."
- Carol Thomas

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