Why you should Paint your Brick Home


Painting a brick home is a complicated decision – but with someone who has the experience and expertise of Hisway Painting, we can make this a much simpler process, and provide valuable information along the way that will add visual impact and improvements to the market value, longevity, and maintenance of your home. Hisway Painting has been painting brick homes in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin for almost 30 years, and would love the opportunity to bring your dated brick home to life.

 Most people know that painting a brick home can be a relatively inexpensive way to make a big impact on your home’s curb appeal and property value. You can transform an unpainted brick home, or one with a faded color and add drama by painting it gray or another dark color. Or, you can use classic white and give it a clean look that gives your home a modern, sophisticated feel. Some homeowners paint their homes stunning bright colors to match their bold style and really help their home stand out on their block.


 This homeowner lives in the neighborhood of beautiful custom luxury homes near the heart of Brentwood in the Brentmeade neighborhood. She was very pleased with the final product – and enjoys how this transformation gave her home a crisp, clean look that really sets her home apart. We worked with color consultant Heather S Thompson, who helped the client pick out colors for her exterior, shutters, and trim.

Painting brick not only improves the value and curb appeal, did you know that it also provides protection from the elements? Having the prep work done by an experienced professional will ensure that a durable coating will act as a sealant to protect your home from precipitation and other seasonal weather changes. It offers protection against moisture and mold growth and reduced deterioration of your home exterior, keeping walls in great condition for years to come. The painted surface and sealed brick walls provide a smooth surface to clean with regular pressure-washing that Hisway Painting can provide as well.

This Brentwood homeowner was very pleased with the final look of her painted brick home. She wanted her home to match hew newly built adjacent garage, so we gave it a fresh makeover tinted with Sherwin-Williams Loxon primer with a finished coat to give it a vibrant new look. If its done correctly by an experienced painter, painting brick homes is a great way to add value and visual appeal.

 Hisway Painting is based in Franklin, TN, and paints residences in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and Spring Hill. We would love the opportunity to meet with you and give you a free estimate about how we can transform your home.