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Restore your deck or fence back to its original beauty

Regular maintenance beautifies and extends the life of your deck and fence and increases your enjoyment of your outdoor space. Often overlooked for routine maintenance, your deck enhances your home’s beauty and functionality but can really begin to suffer and lose its utility if not given proper care. If not cleaned and maintained every 2-3 years, the wood can degrade when exposed to the elements and create safety hazards for your family and guests. Regular cleaning and staining makes the deck safer to use and keeps it from being slippery. Deck maintenance protects the homeowner’s investment and adds value to your home.


Cleaning, staining and painting your fences and decks in Brentwood, Franklin and Nashville can make these structures the highlight of your outdoor space. The Hisway Painting crew thoroughly prepares surfaces for refinishing, uses sanding or gentle pressure washers to remove debris and buildup, and applies a high quality sealer or stain to restore the natural beauty of the wood. If you would like to bring vibrant color to your outdoor living area, we will apply the stain color of your choosing, and ensure that the paint is applied evenly and dries without bubbling or cracking.

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