Caleb Fernandez Promoted to Production Manager

Caleb Fernandez

Caleb Fernandez

Caleb Fernandez came to us six years ago as a skilled painter, and after years of hard work and growth we are pleased to announce his promotion to Production Manager. Caleb is a critical part of the Hisway Painting organization, and he helps to bring projects from start to completion in a smooth and uniform way. He is organized, disciplined and has shown that he is able to prioritize a multitude of tasks effectively.

One of the qualities we value the most about Caleb is that he is a teacher. Hisway Painting is of little value without our strict attention to detail, our expertise, and quality of work. Caleb patiently teaches other painters to do their work with precision and to do their very best, no matter the conditions. He jumps in to help rather than criticize when painters get overwhelmed, and communicates well with homeowners, crew and estimators.

One of our painters told us that Caleb taught her that whatever you do in life, whether you do it for fifteen minutes or fifteen years, to do it with excellence. He taught her to make sure people think about her in a good way whenever they see her painting job. We have seen many painters grow rapidly under his leadership.

Caleb has emerged as a strong leader who brings out the best in the painting crew so that we can serve our customers with integrity and expertise. We are thankful to have him as a cornerstone of the Hisway Painting team.

Caleb is from Peru and has a sister that he is close to in Nashville. He lives near Franklin with his wife, Yelka, a little boy, Thiago and a little girl on the way.